yacht management

Running a large yacht can be as complex as running a company, with similar financial turnover.

Marinelogix Yacht Management

Like any other enterprises, yachts have to manage personnel, health and safety, compliance, technical and many other legalities.

Marinelogix provides access to experienced maritime engineers, trained accountants and expert operational administrators each specializing in one element of Yacht Management.

This ensures every vessel in the Marinelogix fleet operates safely and with maximum efficiency, ultimately protecting the value of your asset and leaving you free to relax and enjoy the pleasure of yacht ownership.

- Vessel Guardianage

- Safety & Security Management

- Technical Support

- Financial Control and Admin

- Crew Administration

- Logistical & Operational Support

- Monthly Reporting

Marinelogix Clients Say

"Mark, thank you for being the master of coordinating everything and everyone! And for coming all the way here to Vanuatu to bring us more parts and last-minute requests - you are really so much more than an agent!" - Purser Anna Steyn, M.Y Polar Star